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Fire Damage Restoration


If you've suffered some type of fire damage, you should call us immediately. We provide 24/7 coverage for all fire-related emergencies.

A prompt, professional response by trained and certified technicians who understand the science at work will greatly stop your damages and reduce your expenses. But it has to be done right, from the very beginning!  

Call RestorEAZE immediately if you have any fire damage!

(802) 280-3100

What to Do First After a Fire

After a fire that has covered your home with soot, smoke, and ash, it is important to begin the cleanup process immediately in order to prevent further damage. The IICRC provides the following tips for cleaning up after a fire.

  • Use a dust mask and protective gloves.

  • Place a box fan in an open window to ventilate your home, pushing air and dust out. 

  • Start with ceilings and walls, then work your way down to the contents of the room. Finish by cleaning the floor.

  • Vacuum all upholstery and floors. It is best to use a vacuum with a high-efficiency

  • filter. Otherwise, you may blow soot back into the air. 

  • Machine-washable items, such as draperies and clothing, can be laundered. Using a mild alkaline cleaner will neutralize the acid from the soot. Nice clothing should be dry cleaned.

  • Exterior walls can be cleaned by spraying with a detergent, a soft-bristled brush, and pressure washing from top to bottom in order to get rid of the soot.

  • If the fire damage is heavy, it is best to call RestorEAZE and let our experienced fire restoration professionals restore your home and its contents.

  • Check with your insurance company to make sure the smoke damage repair costs will be covered by your policy.

At RestorEAZE, we know that damage will increase and the cost of restoration will go up, the longer the fire damage repair process is delayed. The negative impacts of smoke exposure will get worse if the restoration process is not initiated right away. It is important to clean up soot residue as soon as possible. Once the soot residue is removed, we need to eliminate the smoky odor in your home. RestorEAZE uses a four-step process to get rid of smoky odors:

  1. Remove the source of the odor and unsalvageable debris that will recontaminate the clean areas.

  2. Clean all salvageable items to eliminate any residue contributing to the smoky odor.

  3. Create an odor counteractant. In this case, we will create a deodorizing fog that combines with the substances causing the smoky odor.

  4. We will seal salvageable surfaces to confine the odor and stop further recontamination. 

As a homeowner, it is important to understand the effects of a fire, as well as the post-fire residue clean-up process in order to reduce the costs of repair. At RestorEAZE, our fire and smoke restoration professionals have the experience and training to bring your fire-damaged house back to the home you love. ​

When there is a fire in your home, there will be damage from the fire itself, damage from extinguishing the fire, and damage from smoke in unburned areas. 

Damage from the Fire


Structural Property Damage: Make sure there are no loose materials hanging in your ceiling before entering the burned area. The safest choice is to have RestorEAZE inspect the area and remove any loose items that could fall and injure you.

Personal Property Damage: RestorEAZE will help you move your undamaged personal property to unaffected areas of the home and then seal off the unaffected areas. 


Debris Removal: We will take care of the debris removal process by getting a disposal permit and a dumpster. We will save items that are salvageable and let you make the final decision before the disposal of fire-damaged items.  

Damage from Extinguishing the Fire

After extinguishing a fire, water is one of the biggest causes of damage to your home. The water will contain toxins and you should not try to clean this up. RestorEAZE has the proper equipment, safety gear, and experienced professionals to remove the toxic water and debris. RestorEAZE recognizes the importance of cleaning up immediately. If areas are left soaked, mold will begin to spread within 2 days. Your insurance company is aware of this and expects you to prevent additional damage by initiating the restoration process immediately. Once the fire department gives us the green light, RestorEAZE will be there within hours to begin our fire damage restoration process. 

Damage from Smoke

Once the fire is extinguished, smoke and odor will affect other areas of your home. We start with ventilation by bringing fresh air into the unaffected areas while pushing toxins out of the affected areas. We will help you remove personal belongings from the affected area.

Locally Owned and Operated

We are conveniently located in White River Junction, so we can respond quickly to fire damage emergencies in the Upper Valley and its surrounding towns.


RestorEAZE offers the best soot cleanup, fire remediation, and fire damage restoration services to our Upper Valley neighbors.


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