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RestorEAZE Mold Remediation

Mold Removal


Exposure to mold in a home or business is associated with all sorts of potential health problems. Mold should always be taken seriously, and treated by a trained and certified professional.

RestorEAZE is here to serve the Upper Valley with mold and mildew removal. No matter the size of your mold or mildew problem, our mold removal experts are trained to eliminate the mess with minimal interference. RestorEAZE can help with emergency mold damage repair services for your home. Call us today for a reliable mold inspection before the mold and mildew spreads throughout your home.

If you believe you have black mold in your home, contact RestorEAZE for a free consultation. We will walk you through all the steps and help you remediate the problem as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

When Should You Call RestorEAZE?

  • Are you buying or selling a home and the appraiser thinks there is mold? Call the mold experts to inspect the situation.

  • Call RestorEAZE if you have cleaned mold off a wall or ceiling and it comes back.

  • If you identify mold in your home in a low-moisture space.

  • If there is an area of your home that has been flooded due to a broken pipe.

  • Water has entered your home or business from a storm or flood.

  • If a toilet has overflowed, or the sewer has backed up.

  • If the area contaminated is larger than 10 square feet!

  • If you would like insurance to cover the issue. Most insurance policies require a certified mold abatement specialist to resolve the issue. 

RestorEAZE Mold Assessment

  • Identify the origin. This will determine the amount of mold clean up that is necessary. We will find where the moisture came from that caused the mold growth and determine how long that area has been exposed to moisture. 

  • Mold Assessment Identity: This is the process performed by RestorEAZE which includes mold sampling and evaluation of data to identify the location of the mold and the degree of mold growth in your Upper Valley home or business. In some cases, mold testing is required by insurance companies. 

  • Location of Mold: RestorEAZE will locate all of the areas that have mold and those that have been exposed to mold spores by considering hidden contamination.

  • Extent: RestorEAZE will assess the extent of your mold problem by determining the square footage of the areas impacted by mold.​

Locally Owned and Operated

We are conveniently located in White River Junction, and employ the best mold removal professionals in the Upper Valley. So, we can ensure a prompt mold remediation process and offer expert mold testing for our neighbors.

RestorEAZE is committed to providing quality mold removal, mold testing, and mold remediation services to the following towns:


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