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RestorEAZE Customer Reviews

What Our Customers Say!

We appreciate our customer feedback! You can leave a review here.


"I would highly recommend this professional and efficient company. Everyone we worked with throughout the process was knowledgeable, reasonable, and communicative the entire way. I have a lot of questions and never felt as though they were anything less than happy to explain. IF you're dealing with the unfortunate situation of water damage and mold, call RestorEaze to the rescue - you won't be disappointed!"

- Jenna

"Hi Jeff. Thanks for coming to the rescue on such short notice! We appreciated the quick response! We will reach out if we have any questions moving forward. Thank you!"

- Beth


"The crew that worked on our house for three days was just fantastic! My house just glittered when they were finished! I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend them."

- Tara


​​"Great experience made my fears and worries seem completely unreal when they finished work. Everything was back perfectly and in some places better than they were to begin with. Tony and Jeff are great to work with."

- Joel


"Service was prompt, thorough and professional. Would definitely recommend to anyone who has had water damage from a burst pipe."



"Great service. Fast response, good email and phone service, quality work."



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